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Affordable health insurance

Affordable health insurance: the early stages

The American healthcare system is very different from that to which Europeans and residents of the CIS are accustomed. It is now there on every corner talking about affordable health insurance. But, before, everything was completely different and few people know that there were times when affordable health insurance was something of a fantasy world.

In the United States, until 2010, there was no law according to which every citizen was required to have health insurance. This situation, which is not typical for developed countries, assumed that a citizen either pays impressive sums for one-time visits to medical institutions and the provision of medical services or acquires health insurance on his own initiative if the employer does not provide it. In general, affordable health insurance could only be dreamed of.

First significant achievements in U.S. healthcare

It is noteworthy that only during the administration of Lyndon Johnson in 1965, two programs aimed at providing medical care to the needy segments of the population and the elderly, Medicaid and Medicare, came into force, which do not fully cover the costs of these segments of the population for medical services. This was the first attempt to provide affordable health insurance for the population. More than half of the existing medical facilities in the United States are private. Only slightly more than 20% are government clinics and hospitals.

Affordable health insurance – the first pancake is always a bit tricky

The creation of the reform was undoubtedly a landmark event for the entire US health care system. The reform had an incredible number of plans and everyone expected excellent results already at the initial stages of creation. Everyone hoped this would be a significant step towards creating the conditions for affordable health insurance.

The reform was carried out with the aim of helping more citizens to receive medical services and medicines through insurance and get a policy even if they have diagnosed diseases. I.e. affordable health insurance for all categories of citizens was the top priority.

However, everything did not go so smoothly and the result exceeded all expectations and, unfortunately, not for the better. Most popular complaints:

  • the cost of my health insurance jumped by a third;
  • higher prices for a number of drugs;
  • the limited number of health services available under the reform.

Eternal technical problems

An ordinary person who does not know laws and regulations, of course, will want to first of all open an official website in order to independently understand all the subtleties of a particular law. And when it comes to affordable health insurance, it is important to understand all the smallest details so as not to create problems and avoid unnecessary expenses. And the first thing that struck citizens in the adopted reform was that it was impossible to anonymously go to the site and read everything in detail. In fact, it was required to:

  • enter personal data;
  • confirm them;
  • log in and go through data verification.

The site was practically non-functional. And, as it turned out later, this was only the beginning of the problems. People were dumbfounded by the high cost of the health insurance offered to them. Most people didn’t buy anything but signed up for free Medicaid health insurance for the poor.

Even after a while, despite numerous attempts to endure interruptions and freezes of the site, nothing has changed. And most importantly, the administration kept silent and it seemed that affordable health insurance could be forgotten.

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