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Ambetter insurance: coverage area

There is nothing more important than health. And while a person is alive and full of strength, it is time to take care of him. Protecting the client’s health is a paramount concern of the Ambetter program. Everything here is aimed at satisfying all the medical needs of the client. Therefore, the program provides coverage for a wide range of medical and mental health (psychological) services.

Ambetter classification of citizens

Preventive health care is regular medical examinations, the purpose of which is to identify problems before their occurrence. Use these services in a timely manner – they help you stay healthy. Be sure to schedule a doctor’s appointment for preventive health care. After all, it is much easier to prevent the problem than to cure it. The Ambetter program provides preventive health care for several categories of citizens:

  • infants, children, and adolescents;
  • women;
  • adults.

Ambetter allows all adult members to hold annual preventive examinations, blood pressure examinations, depression examinations, immunizations, and vaccination. For example, flu shots as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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For infants, children, and adolescents, prophylactic examinations of children, immunization and vaccination, examinations of newborns. For example, hearing tests and other tests. Ambetter also suggests conducting a developmental survey of children up to the age of three, examination, and counseling in relation to obesity. The latter service is very popular due to the poor diet and lifestyle of many families in the United States.

Services dedicated to women

Women’s health requires special attention. After all, the health of her future children depends on a woman’s life. Ambetter understands how important it is for every woman to be happy and healthy. So, the following services are provided for women:

  • annual preventive examinations of women;
  • the use of contraceptives;
  • examination for the detection of cervical cancer;
  • screening for tobacco use;
  • breastfeeding help and supplies.

Pregnancy is an extremely responsible and important period in the life of every woman. In order for the pregnancy to proceed without complications, you need to consult a doctor in a timely manner. Here it is better not to trust your intuition, but to completely control the situation. Ambetter provides:

  • examinations for Rh-incompatibility;
  • diabetes screening;
  • examination for the lack of iron in the body.

Health care coordination programs

Ambetter understands what special medical needs mean and is ready to help you to coordinate the ones you have. Health Coordination Services help you meet complex medical or psychiatric (psychological) needs. If you qualify for coordinating your care, you will be assigned a special Coordinator. Coordinators are competent employees with special training who will help you to:

  • control your health and understand its weak and strong sides;
  • control the provision of medical services;
  • find community resources available at the place of residence.

In interacting with you and your doctor, the healthcare coordinator care will help you get the medical services. If you have a serious medical condition, the coordinator of health care in cooperation with you, your primary care physician (primary care physician), as well as with leading physicians and medical institutions will develop a concrete health plan developed specially for you. For Ambetter, the life of each client is a priority, so be sure of the quality of the services provided.

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