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Best health insurance

Best health insurance. What to choose to be healthy?

It is easy to speak about different insurance policies when everything is OK. When something unpleasant happens, it is important to understand how the problems must be settled. It is especially important when everything concern health. It is necessary to have good coverage to protect your health. So, it is a must to find the best health insurance. At least, there is no obligatory medical insurance, that’s why a typical visit to a doctor may cost a fortune.

Why is health insurance needed?

The main problem in the USA is that the system of healthcare is rather expensive. Without a policy, it becomes rather hard to pay all the medical bills. If you don’t have any insurance, you will hardly get a total check-up. The only chance is to get a regular check-up in free hospitals and clinics. So, reasonable people are trying to buy a suitable insurance policy. The question is where to find the best health insurance.

Besides, recent changes in the Federal program of healthcare in the USA state that every citizen of the country must have medical coverage. The aim of the insurance is to pay a fixed monthly sum to the insurance organization. In return, in case of an injury or an illness, the company will pay back the sum to cover the expenses on treatment.

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Any person can choose any coverage he or she likes. If you don’t have enough money, subsidies can be provided by the state program. Besides, employers can cover insurance expenses. Due to this fact, the best health insurance doesn’t mean having the most expensive package. It means that the most important points for a person must be included there.

Types of medical coverage

There are several approaches in medical treatment in the USA. Yet, there are three main branches of it:

  1. Organizations that support health. It is considered to be the cheapest way of treatment. At the same time, the number of services is also limited. You can get only a consultation from a therapist in the clinic that you belong to.
  2. Provider organizations. They are one of the best health insurance representatives. The network of the clinics is rather widespread, besides, they collaborate with other medical institutions. The treatment can be provided even outside the network.
  3. The third branch is rather limited. It includes Exclusive Provider and Point of service. The number of procedures here is limited and the price is rather cheap.

Various insurance plans

Insurance plans in the USA are called relating to metals. The more precious metal is, the more repayment the client can get.

  • Bronze status – 60% of the money paid is the compensation;
  • Silver status – 70% repayment;
  • Gold status – 80% repayment;
  • Platinum status – 90% repayment.

According to these statuses, it is easy to realize that the best health insurance implies purchasing a platinum status. At the same time, the sum of monthly payments can be extremely large. Perhaps, the client won’t need such a policy, that’s why everything must be learned in details before purchasing.

There are some other important factors for finding the best health insurance policy. Such coverage can be obtained through the Health Insurance market or a nationwide resource. It doesn’t really matter, in general, where you are going to buy it. The main thing to remember is that the period of purchase is from the 15th of November to the 15th of February. If you want to find the best health insurance follow these restrictions. Emergencies provide the right to buy a policy without these limits. The monthly sum of payment remains the same within a year.

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