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Bike insurance

Bike insurance. Do cyclists need it?

Nowadays more and more countries stand for eco-friendly means of transport. It goes without saying that bikes are the most popular and the cheapest ones. Some countries encourage people to buy bikes providing discounts and special programs. So, the number of this kind of transport is getting bigger. It is quite common to notice a manager hurrying on his bike to the office. That’s why bike insurance is a necessity now.

The main thing here is that this kind of insurance is not obligatory in the country. At the same time, if you are a cyclist you will find it a good idea to have such a policy. You can protect your bike from such unpleasant surprises as:

  • Theft;
  • Damage;
  • Race competitions.

If something like this happens, the policy can help a lot.

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How to get bike insurance?

One of the simplest ways to get a policy on your bike is to get home insurance. This type of coverage includes many aspects, and bikes are among them. According to the statistics, about 75% of bike insurance policies are being bought through home insurance. It is a good way to save money, but if you are a cyclist by nature, you need something more.

It is often connected with extra expenses, but you can get necessary insurance options. Special policies are focused on those who can’t imagine their lives without bikes. It is possible to get bike insurance that will cover all the imaginable troubles. It can include the following circumstances:

  1. Damages of any kinds;
  2. Protection from race loses;
  3. Bike equipment;
  4. Accidents of different kinds;
  5. Road assistance.

This list is not even full, because some insurance companies provide up to 10 or even more options.

What are the policies’ peculiarities?

According to surveys, most bike insurance holders buy the policy to protect their bikes from thefts. It is quite reasonable because the number of thefts is getting bigger every year. In this case, the policy can compensate for the loss. It will cover the expenses for a new bike.

There are lots of policies for real cyclists, and it is up to them to choose what they need. It is important to go back to home insurance. If you have a bike, you should check if it is included in the insurance policy. It can happen that lots of things can be ensured together with the house, but not bikes. In most cases, home insurance will not cover the real price of a bike. If you want to find something suitable, you need to look for special bike insurance policies.

As for the policy, it is important to clear out if it is spread on the bike usage. Sometimes companies provide coverage for a bike as a thing. You can keep your bike in the garage and it will be insured. At the same time, if you ride it, and will be hit by a car, the policy won’t pay out anything.

If you have more than one bike, it reasonable to look for a special quote. Some companies provide good discounts, they can even rich 60%. One more important thing, try to explain to the agent or the company, that the bike can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Some bikes cost much more than a car. In this case, you need a special bike insurance policy.

In most cases, insurance agents will find something to your needs. Though the price can be immense, you can be sure that you are under strong protection. At any rate, the company will pay out everything according to the policy agreement.

There is also another way to ensure the bike. It can be included in renters or tenants’ insurance. It is close to home insurance. You need to check everything. The main thing is to clarify if bike usage is included in this type of coverage. Everything depends on the company and agents.

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