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Boat insurance

Boat insurance in the USA. What does it cover and how much does it really cost?

Boat insurance applies to motorboats, sailboats and all other personal vessels in case of theft or damage caused by a disaster under insurance, such as fire or lightning. Boat insurance also applies to unintentional damage to someone else’s ownership or health.

What can boat insurance cover?

  • Full damage

Insurance can cover the entire amount, indicated in the contract for the total destruction of the vessel.

  • Liability protection

Benefits include legal defense costs, pollution liability coverage and wreck remediation.

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  • Third-Party Compensation

Coverage for health injury of people on the insured vessel caused by the uninsured boat.

  • Coverage for personal property on the vessel

This includes protection of clothing, equipment and personal things on a vessel.

  • Trailer Coverage

These are automatically covered up to the amount of the limit specified in the boat insurance policy.

  • Coverage for marinas as an additional insurance

Marinas and other places where people store their boats may also be included in the coverage.

  • Partial loss

In most cases, the repair of property under insurance is covered without a depreciation deductible.

  • Medical expenses

These up to an indicated limit are included for everyone on board the insured boat. It is paid on a case-by-case basis.

  • Compensation for port and wharf workers

When you purchase an insurance policy, benefits are automatically included for those working on board, in port or on a wharf.

  • Emergency Towing and Assistance

This is automatically included in your insurance plan.

From which factors does the cost of the boat insurance plan depend?

There is a number of factors from which the cost of your insurance plan depends. They can be very different and some are even surprising. They include:

  • Potential use of the boat

As an example, if you intend to use the boat for infrequent fishing trips, the cost will be less than if you intend to tow water skiers on a regular basis.

  • Your driving experience

Experienced car drivers, in most cases, are excellent in driving a vessel too.

  • Person’s insurance history

One will probably be billed higher by the insurance agency if had previously filed many lawsuits.

  • Other people’s boat driving experience

Adding your child or wife in the plan – additional bill.

  • Safety precautions

If one has basic knowledge and practice in lifesaving and owns some equipment such as walkies-talkies for connection with port – the bill will decrease.

  • Engine power

Less power – smaller bill.

  • One’s parameters and characteristics

According to several investigations, the older women are – the higher her insurance costs, even though it is not applicable to another gender, despite the identical driving experience.

  • Boat specifications

When was one’s boat manufactured? Older the vessel – bigger the bill for the boat insurance.

  • Country region

If somewhere, where the vessel is registered and owned, might happen any natural disasters – insurance bill will be bigger.

  • Person’s credit history

If one’s credit history is not very good, he will also be billed more.

What is the average price for boat insurance?

An ordinary bill for a vessel insuranceplan starts at $100, but maximum can be more than $1,000.

Parameters of vessels and intended uses determine bills for boat insurance. Let’s say one owns a little motorboat, and his friend owns a large yacht. This means that the price of one’s insurance is much less than a friend’s.

Approximately, the bill for this insurance usually varies from $300 to $600. And this is the sum, which you will definitely have to pay every year for the boat insurance.

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