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Covered California

Health insurance offered through Covered California

Californians will be able to purchase health insurance plans offered through Covered California and in the private market. However, one of the benefits of buying insurance from Covered California is the ability to compare plans in general. This is the first time that such an opportunity has arisen thanks to new standards that have been developed taking into account the interests of consumers, not insurance companies.

In addition, Covered California is the only place California residents can benefit from government premium subsidies to help them lower their health care costs. Under this program, small businesses can purchase affordable medical insurance for their staff.

What makes the program unique?

Covered California allows you to choose and compare different health plans and get financial assistance to pay for your coverage. The interesting thing about this program is that it made insurance available to Californians with chronic illnesses or really poor health. Traditional insurance coverage might simply not accept them. But, Covered California accepts absolutely everyone, it has coverage for everyone, i.e. if this is a pregnant woman who has just completed the application, it will be 100% covered.

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If this is a person who suffers from some kind of chronic illness, a serious illness, they will not refuse him: insurance will pay for his health.

Classification of citizens

A person who wants to apply for this program qualifies as follows:

  • by income level;
  • by age;
  • by area of residence.

Let’s say a neighborhood in Sacramento will be very different in price from a neighborhood in Bay Area, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. Insurance will be cheaper in one area and more expensive in another.

Probability of rejection or approval

In fact, a person cannot be refused, because Covered California is created for all categories and levels of wealth of the population, i.e. if you have very low or no income, you will still be covered by Medi-Cal. Even if you receive a relatively sleazy salary, you will still receive coverage from Covered California in one way or another.

Commitment to Californians

Covered California is committed to making health insurance options public and providing simple and efficient use of the market to compare different medical plans and choosing the most appropriate one. Of course, choosing health insurance can be a daunting task, and now there are many companies ready to help with this.

Their task is to provide consultations online, by phone, or in person. These companies train local professionals across the state to educate Californians about new health insurance opportunities. These qualified professionals will be able to provide assistance in different languages.

Differences between plans

Platinum plans have the highest deductible withholding, but they pay about 90% of your medical costs. Gold plans pay about 80% and silver plans pay about 70% of your medical costs. Bronze plans have the lowest deductible withholding, but they pay about 60% of their covered health care costs.

Impact of change in income

It is extremely important to inform the representatives of income changes that affect the amount of premium assistance (or tax credits) you receive. If your income is declining, you may qualify for more premium assistance, which will further reduce the current health care costs. However, if your income rises, you may receive the amount of help paid for insurance premiums is too much, and you will need to return part of the amount when paying taxes for the year of benefits.

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