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Homeowners insurance

Homeowners insurance. Why is it important?

Homeowners insurance is a must almost for everybody. It protects not only the house or a flat but all the things the owner has. No matter what case it is, damage, a flood, etc. According to this type of policy, the owner of the house can get the full value of the things or damages. This type of coverage is important even for those who are going to rent his property.

Key aspects of the policy

Homeowners insurance is easy to get and choose options. Like in many other policies, the clients can include extra options for this or that case. It usually has such positions as:

  1. Interior or exterior protection. This type protects the house from natural disasters like storms, fires and hurricanes. According to the terms, all the losses can be compensated. It can even give a total sum of money to rebuild the house. In the case of other disasters, like floods and earthquakes, there must be an extra policy. It is also connected with separate buildings in the yard. They must be paid separately.
  2. Personal Liability. It is a general policy that can be included in homeowners insurance. It protects you from many things. It covers medical expenses in case of injuries, and it can also compensate for the sums necessary to restore damaged things. The sum of the coverage can be different. It can even rich $1 million. Extra protection can be also included here.
  3. Insurance for the period of repairing. This type of policy is calculated for those who can’t live in their house for a limited period of time. It is connected with repairing or rebuilding due to various circumstances. This coverage lets the client live in a hotel or somewhere else where he has to pay for a living. One important point is that there are daily limits. At the same time, they can be enlarged.

Types of coverage

Homeowners insurance works according to Federal and State laws. In general, it is subjected to general market laws. If the policy costs more, it will compensate for the bigger sum. If the price of it is smaller, one can’t hope for big payouts. There are three levels of coverage connected with homeowners insurance:

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  • Actual cash value. It calculates the price of the house and includes the costs of all the things inside. An important fact here is that the sum is being calculated according to current prices.
  • Replacement costs. It works almost the same as the previous position. The only difference here is that the client can’t expect the sum for the current price of the things. He will get the money that he paid for the things beforehand, not the current price.
  • Guaranteed value. It covers all the expenses. It guarantees that the payment will be enough to rebuild and repair the house.

What is not covered by the policy?

Though homeowners insurance is a must for people, it can’t cover all the cases. If a person lives in an area with a high risk of volcano eruption, earthquakes and floods, these cases must be included in the insurance. The only problem remains here, that all these cases must be paid separately. It is also connected with armed conflicts and wars. One can’t predict them and this must be paid separately too.

If you want to enlarge the homeowners insurance, you must focus on those aspects that are actual for the territory you are residing in. Some companies provide discounts for complex insurance. If you are going to enlarge the cover, a good discount can be offered. At least, sometimes it becomes cheaper to insure all the property you have. It can include cars and other things or building you possess. The sum can be higher but it spreads on all the things.

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