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Medicare Advantage plans

How Medicare Advantage plans help in terms of public health emergency

When the whole world is in an emergency-related health situation, you begin to treat the safety of life more seriously. At such moments it is especially important to recall and analyze your privileges under Medicare Advantage plans. Who knows, perhaps Medicare Advantage plans are the only way to get the required medical care from this terrible virus.

Expectations from Medicare Advantage plans

In the conditions of the pandemic, we absolutely do not know what to wait for and do not understand who can help. Everyone suffers and survives, as he can. Due to the fact that Medicare Advantage plans exist, you can count on some support and help.

For instance:

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  • according to some data, 94% of the Medicare Advantage plans will include telemedicine services to the list of services covered by Medicare Part B;
  • 34% of the Medicare Advantage plans will introduce additional benefits in a pandemic;
  • in 27% of the Medicare Advantage plans will create packages of care and assistance for beneficiaries.

According to the director of one of the consulting firms, in the conditions of a pandemic, the needs of the beneficiaries are changing and the plans MA are forced to change too. After all, Coronavirus did not just change the attitude towards disease, it changed reality.

Insurance companies & Covid-19

Most of the Americans who have been diagnosed with Coronavirus get treatment at home, but 15% of the sick need hospitalization that costs huge money. And although many insurance companies really pay these costs, it is important to know all the nuances to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Many insurance companies refused to charge additional money from customers for any type of coronavirus treatment, including staying in the hospital. But, some insurance companies pay for treatment in all country hospitals. This is especially important in the current situation when patients from regions that were particularly affected by coronavirus can be directed at treatment in those institutions that are not partners of a separate insurance company.

Nevertheless, not every insurance company is ready to cover all the costs of a client’s coronavirus. This applies to the insurance plans of workers who pay insurance themselves – they do not always completely cover such treatment. Considering all these circumstances, you should contact your insurance directly and find out all the details of your plan and what will be the algorithm of actions, if you need treatment from coronavirus.

MA plans & Coronavirus

If you are sick with coronavirus, coverage costs and what you can count on depends, what is your MA plan. Most Medicare Advantage plans cover the cost of analysis and treatment of COVID-19.

In addition, MA plans almost always use the services of a network of partners, it reduces customer treatment costs. According to the new requirements of the government, plans must cover treatment in hospitals that are not included in the network of insurance company partners. I.e. now the restriction is removed and even if the hospital in which you are treated is not a partner of your insurance company, the treatment will still be covered due to insurance.

What if I have no insurance at all?

According to Kaiser Family Foundation, the cost of inpatient treatment of patients with coronavirus, which have no insurance, range from 14 to 42 billion for all time of the pandemic. In total, the government allocated $ 100 billion to fight a pandemic, but so far no one knows how these funds are consumed.

People who remained without work due to coronavirus may face the fact that the package of their insurance services was trimmed. This especially relates to those states where Medicaid coverage is not so spread.

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