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Medicare insurance

Medicare insurance. The main aspects of the program

Medicare insurance is a national program regulated by the USA government. It is mainly calculated for people older than 65. It is also possible to get this cover in some other cases, even if you are younger than 65. It is focused on disabled people and those who suffer from serious illnesses. The main aim of the program is to cover the expenses of medical treatment. Though the program is regulated by the Federal authorities, it has some disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that it doesn’t cover all the medical cases. For instance, you can’t rely on it if you want to go to a dentist. Though, medicare insurance is an important part of American life.

What is it about?

Private medical service doesn’t solve all the problems in the health national system. Due to this fact, the state had to work out a supportive program. In 1965 the programs were presented. They are called Medicare and Medicate.

Medicare insurance system is aimed at elderly people, who want to get high-quality medical service. There are different aspects that are included in this coverage. For example, a person can get a medical examination in one of the hospitals. Yet, the program is not calculated for long treatment in hospitals and elderly disabled people who need medicine and medical equipment.

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The main parts of the program

There are four parts to the program. These parts cover different aspects of medical treatment. Medicare insurance has the following parts:

  • Part A (hospital service);
  • Part B (extra medical treatment);
  • Part C (extended plans are known as HMO and PPO);
  • Part D (compensation for medicine).

Part A of the program helps to cover expenses in the hospitals. It is available for American citizens older than 65. In some cases, people younger than 65 can get such coverage. You can get it in the following cases:

  1. You had the right to get Social Security because of disability for 2 years;
  2. You paid taxes, and also got Social Security because of disability;
  3. You suffer from serious illnesses that require dialysis or kidney transplantation.

For all these cases, you can use medicare insurance part A.

For part B you need to pay a monthly donation. If you don’t have the right to free usage of part A, you can buy only part B. For this part, you must be older than 65 and must be an American citizen, or you live in the USA for not less than 5 years.

The registration for part B must be done within certain periods. If you are not registered in these periods, you will probably have to pay a fine to get it.

Part C of medicare insurance is called medicare advantage. If you use the programs A or B, it is called original medicare. If your privileges are provided by medicare advantage or other private company, it has the naming medicare advantage. It helps compensate for the treatment that is not covered by the abovementioned programs. This part of medicare insurance includes such aspects as:

  1. coordinated health care;
  2. plans that use contract health facilities and doctors;
  3. private plans (fee-for-service);
  4. specialized plans.

The last part of medicare insurance is known as part D. Every person who has the right to use part A and part B can get compensation from part D. it is known as medical insurance. It provides privileges for necessary medicine. This part of insurance is not obligatory and implies a monthly donation. For those who have a high income, the insurance donation can be higher in part D.

Since 1966 all the states in the USA take a tax from the income of about 2.9% to support the system of medical insurance in the country.

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