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Renters insurance

Renters insurance. A quick guide 2021

Renters insurance protects you from loss or damages your things when you rent an immovable property. It includes everything that can be described as a tenancy. It can also guarantee responsibility protection in case if someone else suffered from this property.

Even if you moving or already residing in a certain place within a year, getting this kind of policy will be a reasonable investment. Except for this, you can’t focus on everything. Dangers can wait for you anywhere. There are a lot of emergency situations that can happen.

What does it include?

In general, renters insurance covers all the things in a tenant house or a flat. Typical dangers usually include fires, vandalism, plumb and electricity disrepairs and others. Policy in the sphere of insurance, regulated by the authorities, covers losses of personal things, from such situations as:

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  • Fire and thunder;
  • Winds and hail;
  • Explosion;
  • Fires;
  • Vandalism.

This is not a full list of potential dangers. Most renters insurance covers include only a part of the responsibility. It means that the client will be protected up to a certain sum if you are counter-claimed. It pays all the court decisions and court costs. If you have a pet, you must also include it on the cover.

What is not included?

You must know that the majority of offers don’t cover many things. It includes earthquakes, floods and other emergency situations. All these factors can be covered with an extra sum in renters insurance. If you have priceless and rather expensive things, you will have to pay an extra money policy to protect them. All these insurance policies don’t cover the cases connected to personal carelessness or intentional actions.

What is important to apply for renters insurance?

When you ask for an insurance policy, it is recommended to take photos or videos of all the things you have. It is important because the real price must be higher than you expect. In most cases, the insurance company won’t have a desire to do all these steps. If you are reasonable enough, you must follow these steps:

  1. Save copies of all the things;
  2. Keep all the documents to prove the right of cover;
  3. If the company is against it, find another insurance company.

If all the questions are settled, you can search for them on the Internet. Learn the rates of the company. Before making an agreement, consult the agent about the potential chances of additional policies and discounts. Sometimes there are packages for families or complex insurance.

When you choose the company, it is not obligatory to go to the office to sign renters insurance. In most cases, it is possible to do it online. Sometimes, it will be necessary to contact the manager via mobile phone to clear all the points.

There are mainly two types of covers available. The first part covers the real price and the price of changing things. Substitutional costs cover things changes and property approximately 15% more expensive than the real price. It is recommended to choose a renters insurance offer that covers the change of things. In this case, you can be sure that you will get a full sum to replace the item. For example, if the TV was broke, you can be sure that you will get $500 to buy a new one.

In general, the price policy costs $12 per month. It includes insurance payments of about $30000. The average sum of the policy in the USA is from $15-$30 a month. This price can be reduced if you decide to pay for a year. Remember that protection of the property is up to you. You need to care about things not to lose the most expensive and valuable things.

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