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Travel insurance

Why do you need insurance for travel in the USA?

America is a huge country with a variety of climates and living conditions. Almost in each state, you can highlight a number of dangers that take careful tourists. Unrestrained surfers heading for the California coast should ensure their health, although an ordinary tourist in Florida may suffer from a walk on an aquatic motorcycle or crazy shark. In New York and other major cities, automobile accidents often occur: in the US, in general, an explicit excess of personal transport on the roads, you need to be ready for this. Therefore, travel insurance is a must-have for all coming.

Lovers of nature, thirsting to see the Grand Canyon and touch the giant sequoias in Yosemite, should evaluate their physical opportunities well. Here you can easily cling to the root, fall, and wake up with a plaster in the hospital. In addition, the victim will have to pay for the helicopter of rescuers, which will bring you from the claws of wildlife. By the way, these most claws can climb the tourist and within the city: scratching from a curious raccoon or the consequences of a meeting with the possum will lead you straight into the doctor’s office. That is why travel insurance is mandatory here.

So, choosing travel insurance to the US, pay attention to the possible components of the travel:

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  • extreme sports on the coast or in the mountains;
  • driving a bike, especially between the States;
  • visiting national parks and in general walks in the wilderness;
  • poisonous insects, dangerous animals;
  • natural disasters.

Registration of insurance is already on the journey

This, of course, is possible but will be more expensive. Only a limited number of insurance companies draw up travel insurance after the start of the trip. Sometimes travelers are improved in American companies already in the United States, but there are no relevant statistics, unambiguously speaking in favor of this method.

If you have travel insurance, you must not:

  • pay for medical services before calling Assistance;
  • drive a car or engage in extreme sports being drunk: treatment costs may not compensate;
  • to self-treat – this can also provoke a refusal to pay compensation;
  • treat chronic disease under the guise of emergency medical care – most insurance will not cover it.

In the US, the hospital is almost in all cities, but the assistance may not have an agreement with the nearest hospital for you. In this case, travel insurance will cover transport to another hospital, but it is better to specify this moment in advance at the first call.

What if…?

Without travel insurance for medical assistance, you can spend a few hundred, and maybe thousands of dollars. For example, to call an ambulance will cost about 900-1300 USD, the consultation of the ENT-specialist is 200 USD, and the operation to remove appendicitis is up to 60,000 USD.

In some countries, medicine is free for all (for example, in Argentina), and even a foreigner will provide qualified assistance, without asking for it a penny. However, the United States does not apply to them – the treatment accounts are reached by astronomical values. Therefore, going on a journey, take care of travel insurance in advance. The insurance company will cover all the costs of treatment and the cost of the necessary drugs.

Travel insurance policy can be expanded by including additional risks, the cost of insurance to America will increase.

Such species include:

  • accident;
  • cancel travel;
  • baggage insurance;
  • legal assistance (initial consultation);
  • civil liability to third parties;
  • and other.

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