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Van insurance

The features of a one-day van insurance policy

A van is a multifunctional, practical and in many aspects a universal car, the need for commercial transport companies, and a private owner who has decided to do business. It is important to determine the requirements for it. Then the van will not fail in the process of operation. About van insurance, you should also think in advance.

Very often, people take a van for rent for a certain time, if they need to carry a large cargo. In this case, you can make a van insurance policy for one day. Then you will be exactly sure that even if something happens on this very day, the person who you borrowed a van from will not sue you.

When the van is needed only for a few hours, there’s no sense to buy a long-term van insurance policy. Therefore, in the United States, a van insurance policy can be issued, which will be valid only within 24 hours. Then you do not have to undergo all exhaust procedures when receiving a long-term van insurance policy.

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When a 24-hour policy will be appropriate

Under various reasons and circumstances, people are forced to draw up a van insurance policy. First of all, this is due to the reasons why they needed a van. Most popular reasons:

  • moving – when you need to carry things to a new house;
  • transportation of material for repair works;
  • transportation of large things;
  • transportation of people – e.g., children to school or kindergarten;
  • testing a new car after purchase.

For these and many other reasons, it is better to make a choice in favor of a 1-day insurance policy.

Of course, if you calculate the cost of the annual van insurance policy for one day, it will be cheaper, but when getting the policy, you still pay more than for a 1-day policy. At the same time, you get a standard set of services covered without spending huge amounts of money. That is why receiving a long-term policy is not a good idea if you need a van just for 1 day. Why do you need to pay extra money?

Van insurance policy is not valid under these conditions:

  • other drivers – the policy acts only per one driver;
  • if the van or trailer was hijacked or damaged when towing a broken car;
  • the weight of the van is less than 7.5 tons;
  • availability less than 5 places.

How much does it cost?

First of all, some data about the driver affect the price of 1-day insurance. For example, drivers, who represented the risk in the past, will have to pay more. Only this way the insurance company will cover elevated chances of risk.

Drivers with small driving experience or absolute beginners can also pay more. For the insurance company, you will be dangerous on the road, since you can be unaware of how to behave in different situations on the road. Conversely, if you have a huge driving experience (20-30 years) and decided to ensure a van in a quiet area, your policy will cost much cheaper.

Requirements for the van for a 1-day policy:

  • a car is in a good condition;
  • a car was not subjected to tuning and upgrade;
  • the steering wheel should be on the right.

Requirements for the driver:

  • age 17-77 years;
  • permanent residence in the country for the last 12 months;
  • lack of deprivation of rights over the past two years;
  • lack of criminal past;
  • the absence of previous invalid policies.

Tips on how to conclude a better insurance deal

Conduct a comparative analysis of insurance companies. Yes, it is the simplest and effective way. Try to find the lowest price in the insurance market, and based on it, make a decision. Another important rule – be honest. Even if you just embellish reality, there is a risk of obtaining a refusal. Tell only the truth even about where the van will stand at night.

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